GoAnimate For Schools Is Getting A Makeover!

GoAnimate for Schools is being upgraded to modern technology in a series of updates that will provide the following benefits:

  1. Increased security.
  2. Videos will eventually be playable on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  3. Faster creation, preview, and download times.
  4. The outdated Flash plug-in will eventually not be required to view videos created with newer, recently added themes.

As the first step in the upgrade process, the following older themes and templates were retired on July 26, 2016:


  • Comedy World
  • Lil’ Peepz
  • Cartoon Classics
  • White Houserz
  • Stick Figure It Out
  • Good on Paper
  • Space Peepz
  • Chibi Peepz
  • Lil’ Petz World
  • Anime
  • Space Citizens



  • School Chronicles Template
  • Talking Picz Template
  • Wildlife Template
  • Basketball Fever Template
  • ARRRRRRRRRRR! Template
  • Business Friendly Template


We know many of you will have questions, and hope to answer most of them here.


Q:  Why were the older themes and templates retired?

A:  They rely on out-of-date technology (Flash) that is being replaced.


Q:  What are the benefits of the newer, recently-added themes?

A:  They have many more actions, props, and effects than the older themes. When developing the newer themes, we focused on creating a few really powerful themes with a lot of depth, instead of creating a larger number of limited themes.


Q:  Will I be able to view videos created with the older, retired, themes?

A:  Yes. Viewing videos created with retired themes will be supported for an indefinite period of time.


Q:  Will I be able to edit videos created with content from the older, retired, themes?

A:  Yes. Small changes will still be possible, but access to content or characters from older themes will not be available.


Q:  Does this mean that I can create videos on an iPad now?

A:  No, but this change is the first step toward making that possible! We’ll be announcing more changes later this year, or early 2017, that will enable video creation on tablets.


For other questions, please email us at support@goanimate.com

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