GoAnimate For Schools - Features

GoAnimate for Schools is the school safe version of GoAnimate. It has privacy, security, group management, and content moderation features built in. Each implementation is a private, secure "walled garden" with its own unique URL. Student videos cannot be found from the public internet, nor can they be shared or exported to the public internet without teacher supervision. Teachers have moderation privileges allowing them to review student videos before they fully publish. This ensures that inappropriate language or content does not get published. In addition, creative assets (characters, backgrounds, props) are filtered to remove those which are inappropriate for schools, such as weapons or alcohol.


In GoAnimate for Schools, all user accounts have "GoPlus" subscriber privileges. These include unlimited character creation, unlimited video length, unlimited downloads/exports/embeds for teachers, and the ability to import files into the video maker.


Please visit https://goanimate4schools.com for more information.

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