Is GoAnimate for Schools compliant with COPPA (Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act)?

GoAnimate for Schools adheres to the general principles of COPPA (Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act). Some features which support this include:


  • GoAnimate for Schools uses SSL and is an encrypted website. All URLs begin with https.
  • We only take the email address of the original Super Teacher (the teacher in charge of the subscription)  and the Finance Contact (if specified), both of which are adult professionals. We NEVER take the email addresses of the students.
  • The Super Teacher has complete control over student usernames. These can refer to the students' actual names, or be completely unrelated aliases.
  • Each GoAnimate for Schools implementation is a completely private, secure "walled garden” with its own, unique URL.
  • The school login URL is private; unauthorized visitors will not be able to find the home page unless they have been given the address.
  • Only those with a valid username and password for your school's implementation can see the videos inside.
  • Students cannot view external videos.
  • Students cannot publish externally, unless specifically arranged and supervised by a teacher.
  • All content inside GoAnimate for Schools has been filtered to be school-appropriate.


Furthermore, we have implemented the following internal protections:

  • Teachers can subdivide the school population into workgroups (by grade, class, subject matter, etc) to limit the distribution of, and access to, student videos published internally.
  • Teachers can moderate videos before they are published to a designated group, allowing them to review content before any student views a given video.
  • Teachers can moderate or completely disable (internal) social features, such as messaging, ratings, and comments.
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